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Hello, I am Daria and I build products that users love to use and drive companies through their digital transformation. Currently heading Customer experience in Amazon Web Services. 



About me 

An architect turned digital designer, simply I design experiences for the digital world now. I help customer define and create their digital strategy and user experience by focusing on their users. With more than 14 years of experience in consultancy, corporate and the startup world I had the opportunity to work on various projects in different fields in 7 countries including building a successful startup in New Zealand and Japan.


Currently, I am heading design in Amazon Web services – Management tools.

Product Manager 

User Experience Designer

Team Leader

Scrum Certified

Public speaker


Amazon Web Services

Designing for the enterprise

Amazon Web Services  (AWS) provide cloud computing and storage services to a wide variety of users, helping to manage and grow their businesses.  This use case outlines how we introduced design thinking methodology to AWS - Management tools.  


Disrupt the moving industry

Movinga is a startup based in Germany that connects customers wanting to move with suitable movers through a digital platform. 


Spontanioulsy meet up

An app that lets you connect with people around you spontaneously. Users can see who is up for lunch or a run around them spontaneously. 


Advergaming to measure brand engagement 

iKEMU- later sold and renamed as Gamify, helps brands create branded games and release it to their customers. 

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